Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 1 - 25

He wakes up, when half of the day is already over. He slaps himself on the face. It means, another sleepless night. Another lonely night.

He saw the puppy with her. "Why would she bring that on a date?", he thought. "Ain't it looking cute?” she said. It wasn't a date anymore.

From the 13th floor, she pushed him out. For a brief moment, her love was in the air. "Thudd!". She was still laughing on that joke.

There was tension in their relationship. A trip to Spain could help. Nothing like Tomatina. Just that, they both had stones in their hands.

The smoke came out of my lungs. The smoke came out of me. The smoke wasn't just smoke anymore. It had some part of me.

It did not take her much to change her mind. She was already over him. It was the fear of changing the house that kept her close to him.

They met. Almost a year, and nothing had changed. Except that her longing for him was for real. And he wasn't falling for that again.

Behind that silly emoticon, was a string of words, waiting to be decoded by him. He hates smileys. She's still waiting for a reply.

The crab was served. She was still afraid. "C'mon honey, break the shell", he said. She smashed its head with a hammer. He gulped.

I watched you sleeping. Your eyes closed, I sensed the warmth in your last breath. I saw you leaving this place, for a better world.

In a meeting full of mundane suggestions, he was asked to think out of the box. He did. "Impossible", came the reply. "I knew that", he said

He was asked, "Who is your best friend?". He had categorized them all. Good. Better. Best. "Damn! I should have ranked them also", he said

Sex with him was the second best part of the night for her. The best part being, her prince charming inviting her on his own.

She went inside to get her breasts cosmetically enhanced. Came out diagnosed with a lump. Teary eyed, she went straight inside a wig shop.

She got stilettos. "It'll be easier for him to look directly into my eyes". He was still gazing at something else. "Damn this tank top."

In the dark room, she kissed him. He could taste cigar in her mouth. He knew, she doesn't smoke. His hands were searching for his shotgun.

He felt a sudden sensation. Pain. It was his back. "I love you", she said. "Didn't want to see you suffering". He knew his knife was missing

There was blood. And him. Lying there, motionless. There was peace on his face. Like a sleeping baby. "Good. He ain't snoring now", she said

Left the scene. Walking in the grass, she saw a caterpillar. "Good I saw you. Would've got crushed". Inside, he was lying in his own blood.

In the times, when everyone was living in his own parallel universe, my universe bisected me, perpendicular. A Jekyll and a Hyde were born.

When I was struggling with my Jekyll & Hyde, the li'l baby was trying to figure out, what happened to Jack & Jill. Kept the innocence alive.

He rubbed the sugar, instead of salt against the her Tequila glass. She didn't complaint. She knew, he was nervous. It was his first night.

He performed a stand up act in a party. No one laughed. In every party now, they laugh on his failure. He succeeded in making them laugh.

The sound of him catching his breath between 2 lines while singing was a subtle reminder to him that he was just another human, but with better voice.

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  1. I've read all the twisters you've written repeatedly since yesterday...All I can say is brilliant stuff