Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 101 - 125

He learns a guitar tune for her. You're pathetic, she says with a smile. He's blushing. Their eyes meet. Next time, try violin, she says.

She painted dreams, with melodies from the harp. He sculpted realities, with his weeping guitar. Together, they wrote the symphony of life.

The handcuffs remained. Only the people around him changed. From the exotic hooker, to the police officer, to the doctor in mental asylum.

If I were to murder someone, will you alert the cops, he asks. Of course, she says. But you know me, he says. I thought I knew you, she says

She remembered him saying, the day he got letter from the army, "Don't worry. The story is just beginning." She now sobs over his dead body.

He painted his girl's face. Everyone said it reminded them of their girl. He smiled. Then they all took the same name. He was shattered.

You should meet my boyfriend. I think you'll like him, she said. I will, he said. Days later, she is devastated. She got dumped for him.

She wore the new nightgown. Adjusted her pillow. It was the end of her nightmares. And then, she gulped down a handful of sleeping pills.

Everytime I see you, I get moist, she said. He smiled. They both were happy. She was talking about her eyes. He was thinking something else.

Girls want nothing else, but honesty, she said. To be honest with you, he said, I love you, and I don't have money. He never heard from her.

I love Chinese ladies, he says. Isn't it being racist, she asks. If I love the race, how can that be racism, he says. She ain't laughing.

The bartender was sent to jail. He murdered him. All these months, he used to frequent his bar, alone. He came with a girl yesterday.

Dunno what's orgasmic, he says, the coffee, or watching you make that coffee? You are sick, she says. Must be the coffee then, he says.

They say it's a haunted hut. The kids heard a loud thud, and a scream "Oh God!". There's a ghost, he said. No, ghosts don't swear, she said.

The machine at the entrance kept beeping. I got some iron rich blood, he joked. No one laughed. Time for a rectal check sir, the guard said.

They are lurking into abyss. It's too dark, he says. No, I can see things, she says, I can hear things. Forgot your medicines again, he asks

He bends backward to dodge the bullet. He had seen that in movies. He now suffers from broken spine. Paralysed. Movies didn't tell him this.

He wanted to breakup with her. She was in the kitchen. I think it's not working between us, he said. Then he saw the knives rack near her.

My pants are on fire, he says, intending to rape her. She aims a fire extinguisher at his crotch. Bam! That will cool it down, she says.

He spilled the orange crush on her. You got a real crush on me, she joked. They laughed till he touched her boobs to wipe off that crush.

She was in a mental asylum. This is the most horrible thing I've done to my date, he says. Well, not worse than the girl who turned lesbian.

While making out, I suddenly realized the pending presentation. I started dressing. What happened, she asked. Saw the Bat signal, I said.

You give me the sleeping pills, I give you the kisses, he says. She gives him the pills. And some more. She ain't waiting for the kisses.

He was man of ideals. Illegal cable wasn't his kind of thing. I offer you two porn channels free, the cableguy said. He instantly agreed.

More than the humiliation of losing, more than jealousy of watching her win, it was the grief that killed him, for his efforts went in vain.

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