Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 151 - 175

Shall we declare our relation public, she asks, they'll be happy. And, he asks. They'll be happy, she says. And, he asks. Chuck it, she says.

I've lost my heart to that lady, he says. Have you lost your mind, she asks, in disbelief. No, he says, I said heart. She's speechless.

If you ever visit a slaughterhouse, she says, you'll turn veggie. Don't know about that, he says, I once visited a temple. I turned atheist.

Years after the break up, she insisted on giving relationship another try. He refused. You ended it, he says. Can't let you end it again.

Will they accept me in this dress, she asks. Who cares, he says. And you, she asks. You care about that, he questions. She buys the dress.

Terrible pills, he says, I can do with some laughs. Well, she says, laughter is the best medicine. And they laugh. Till he chokes and dies.

Give me a word, and I'll write you a poem on it, he says. Love, she replies. Ah, I asked you to give me a word, not a poem itself, he says.

Why is Tim's house having a flag, asks Alice. His father was a brave man, says father. Aren't you brave, asks Alice, as he opens a beer can.

Sitting on a wheelchair, she dreams of football & salsa. Liked it, the mother asked. Yes, she said, as she got up. Perfect chair for granny.

I'm unpredictable, he says. Not at all, she says. Damn, he says and moves to kiss her. She kicks him in crotch. You're predictable, she says

The professor asked about mechanism of erection. Only she raised her hand. You know a lot miss, he teased. Too many dicks around, she said.

His depression is her inspiration. His failures, someone's warning. Everyday he prays, for he doesn't want his past to be someone's future.

You are my world, she says. World is cruel, he says. Always been this pessimist, she asks. Don't play the half glass game with me, he says.

Boss said I'm incompetent & lazy, he says, dejected. Didn't he say you are a coward, she asks. He can see her, rubbing salt, on the chicken.

Always there for you, he says. You are in a different country, she says. Well, he says, that's how they say. In movies, she asks. He gulps.

Someday, I'll be able to hug this smoke coming out of my lungs. Till then, let me gaze at those clouds. Forming, deforming, forming again.

She left the mystery book without an end. The readers kept guessing. None closer to what was in her mind. In the end, she became the mystery

The man who found her in dumps. The man who brought her from obscurity to the world of glamor, she no more finds him worthy of her standards

In his eyes, she could see the world. A world without her. Who says there is no romance in the final goodbye?

He ain't complaining. He only taught her how to achieve success. She broke off the deal before he could teach her about failure. He smiles.

He opened his workplan. Falling in love wasn't a part of his agenda this month. Dammit, he slammed his desk hard. He is lagging behind now.

Rogues all around, he rolled down his shirt's sleeve. His arm had his mother's name tattooed. He didn't want his mother to see him fighting.

How about a make up sex, he asks. They proceed towards vanity van. He gets undressed. She goes inside the make up room. He knew she was dumb

Turn on the radio, he said. Dedicated a song to you. Not now, she said, I'm sleeping. That night, the city heard the most romantic song ever

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