Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 126 - 150

Born with a hole in the heart, she spent her life looking for that perfect ring for it. Sadly, the world was clueless about heart piercing.

He hugged her tight. He could see her face gone red. A sound of bone cracking. She gasping for breath. He was squeezing the best out of her.

The white tiles in the washroom have gone yellow, she says. They are yellow only, he says. Oh, she mumbles, hiding a scrub pad in a corner.

How do I look, she asked. Gorgeous, he said, as always. You're mad, she said. For you, he replied. Pause. He should've avoided cliches.

I've no hope left, he mumbles, wandering alone in his empty house. Hungry, he checks the refrigerator. Fuck, he shouts, I've no bacon left!

He lit another cigarette. Since when did you start smoking, she asked. Since when did you start taking interest in me, he asked.

She got everything she loved tattooed on her. He kept searching for his name. It's inside me, she said. He unbuttoned her. Liar, he said.

They undressed. She saw a scar on his thigh. Vietnamese torture, he said, Army. He saw a scar on her thigh. Iron chain, she said, sex slave.

I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, she says, scratching ass, throwing the puzzle book away. Guess you already are at the bottom, he says.

The magician plays tricks for his li'l daughter. She is delighted. He tells her the secret. She's crying now. His wife's smirk is visible.

Have I lost you, forever, he asked, watching his wife pack the bags. Damn! I've lost my comb, she said. Ignored, he has lost all hopes now.

Why are you smiling, he asks. Your Superman tie is cute, she says. It ain't cute, he says. He is Man of Steel! She ain't meeting him again.

You saw that bitch, he said to his dog. She has been sleeping with other men! Bitch! The dog quietly retired in his room. He was confused.

She entered the room in a satin dress. He sensed a hint there. This was his night. He spilled mustard on her. It wasn't his night anymore.

You get the kids, I get the sofa, he says. That's my sofa, she says. Well, those are my kids also, he says. Take them, she says. He shrugs.

Tears in eyes, she wrote the name of her ex on sand. Waves erased it. She wrote again. The waves erased it again. She returned home smiling.

The kid wanders in the streets, selling heart shaped balloons to the modern people of the urbania. Such heartless people they are, he says.

Why acting serious, she asks. If I crack jokes, I'm afraid you'll fall for me, he says. Won't happen, she says. Your jokes suck anyway.

Frankly honey, he says, we lost the road an hour ago. Why didn't you ask for directions, she asks. No one knows the way to nowhere, he says.

No nail clippers. Can be a potential weapon, the airport staff said. Well, he says, how about a big sharp toe nail across someone's throat?

Something illegal in the bag, she says. What, he asks. You don't know, she says. Why would it be there then, he says. Later, they made love.

Leaving a long trail of love on his back with nails, she asks, What's this, feeling a scar. He smiles. A friend loved me a li'l too much.

Nothing beats a lady in white, he said. What, she exclaimed. Why would anyone beat a lady otherwise? He still can't believe he proposed her.

I want to know you more, she says. He unzips his pants. I mean your profession, she says. Oh. I'm a doctor, he says. Can we have sex now?

So, is it over, he asks. When did it ever start, she said, adjusting her bra. Shall I order pizza, he asks. No tomatoes for me, she says.

Door slammed open, they entered the room. A li'l kohl here, a little lipstick there. The creasless white sheets never looked this inviting.

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