Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 76-100

They killed everyone on their way. There was a victory celebration. Those, who won. And those, who were freed from the chains of existence.

She danced in the snow. The snow that happened last year. It's all gone. Turned water. Into the ocean. The waves are dancing to her tunes.

Love. Always overestimated. Neither she asked him, nor did he tell her. Years went by. Times changed. And love remained a hapless creature.

Can you tell me the directions to Taj, he asks. Sure, she says, I'll drop you there. Ten minute ride. He still can't get over her fragrance.

The dog kept barking. It's a mad dog, he says. Call the vets. They put him down with a shot. Madness was everywhere. Only the dog showed it.

Honey, I'm over here, he says on the phone. Just walk in the direction of your boobs. She went down. Next day, he bought her a wonderbra.

Nothing that music can't mend, he says. Court has granted me custody of son, she says. Another addition to the list 'things music can't mend'.

"Let's set this straight", he says. "You love me. I love you. We both love lying." Let's build our own castle of lies then, she says.

The cut on his face is looked upon as the mark of masculinity by the audience. They don't know he got it from a saucer his girl threw at him.

She fell for him, his body, his tuxedo and the shiny leather shoes. Indressing him was quite a pleasure. Until she saw his Star Wars boxers.

I don't give a fuck to what you say, he said. Eyes glued on the TV, she kept sipping the wine. She wasn't giving a fuck to what he was saying.

I love you, he says. I love you too, she replies. After a minute of awkward silence, he says, just kidding. I know, me too, she says.

Bungee jumping is how he wanted to impress her. The girl was impressed. The crowd saw him wet his pants. But he is a happy soul tonight.

She tried a two piece swimsuit. You look better in a one-piece suit, he says. She removes her bra. He smiles. They make love all day long.

Year after the breakup, they decide to connect with each other again. I'm getting married, she texts. She's still waiting for a reply.

The sex was good. The only time in the day when they talked to each other. He resumed work on the laptop. She switched on the TV. Happy couple.

Everyone makes mistakes. So did she. Must forgive her, he thought. I forgive you, she said. Bitch, he shouted, you're the one who made mistake!

Living in the world of lies, she mustered courage to come out with the truth. They laughed at her. She seeks asylum in the fake society now.

He came home, irritated. He's never been like this. Beer's not cold, he mumbled, and crashed on sofa. The dog is afraid to come near him.

Everything irritates him. The dog's wagging tail, the noise of a sitcom, the nagging colleague. I love you, she said. So?, he replied.

They churned out sad songs. The fans, they cried in admiration. The band members, they laughed their asses off seeing such misery.

He smoked. Smoked. Kept smoking till he coughed his lungs out. He smiled. He never felt better before. He'll do anything to feel alive.

She wanted to surprize him by giving him a lap dance. She pulled a chair. I'll prefer sofa, he said. Spent the night alone watching soccer.

He tried the tandoori chicken flavored condom for his non vegetarian girl. "I don't like boneless chicken" was her reply. He was shattered.

He woke up. There was a red lipstick mark on his cheek. "Make-up, even in night!" He saw the same stains on bedsheet. Now he was furious.

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