Friday, 10 August 2012

Twisters 51 - 75

Divorce papers were completed. She remembered his last words. "Make me a sandwich". He is alone in his house. With a toaster she gifted him.

Of all the possessions he got after that divorce, he hated his bitch the most. Reminded him of her. He smiled. He acquired a shotgun also.

He decided to take the road less traveled. "That's gonna be a bumpy ride mate" his friends told him. He found no traffic. He won the race.

Tired of her SMS language, he advised her to atleast use a full stop after finishing a sentence. She used a full stop. On the relationship.

She was standing in her wonderbra. He was staring in her eyes. Something wasn't right "You forgot the mascara". Her bra wasn't helping her.

There was silence. Between both of them, their world was falling apart. "Thud", that was the only sound they heard. Sound of breaking heart.

The kid lost grip on the balloon. The balloon flew high, fighting the winds, landed in the ocean, giving waves hard time. The kid's crying.

Last night's wife swapping left everyone happy. His wife was fucking a rich goon. He found a lady who could discuss astrophysics over chess.

Alone in house, he misses shouting "Make me a sandwich!" Looking at the toaster, he thinks of himself lucky. But she took away the cord.

"Who the hell kept the cigarettes upside down?" he shouted. She could sense the anger on his face. Her arm was ready for more burn marks.

"Do I look good in this?" she asked from trial room. Yes, he replied, while on his phone. The other guy nodded. She went inside, smiling.

Bring out the new cutlery, he said. But it might break, she said. "It'll break otherwise also". *crash*. He wasn't getting any sex tonight.

His girl introduced him to poker. Watching her getting friendly with the stranger, he couldn't keep his poker face. He lost. "I hate poker".

His gay partner had found a new love interest. He knew making a song on this would bring only shame. He cursed the society for defining love

A shower with him was the gift she planned for his b'day. He couldn't stop himself from peeing in the shower. Now he's eating the cake alone

She tried a lot to achieve that Coke-bottle body. Months of gyming, but no results. Depressed, she gave up. She now has a VAT69 bottle body.

The drunkard was teasing his girl. Being a Rocky fan, he gave drunkard a punch. He is at home, with a swollen eye, his girl laughing at him.

Being the only lady in the office, her biggest fear is getting stuck with elderly colleageus in the elevator. She knows she deserves better.

His girl saw him scanning the lady. What are you doing, she asked. Checking her pendant. Fake, he said. She was relieved. He was Clark Kent.

After days of auditions, he finally gets a role. A one scene appearance. He plays a wannabe actor, who fails the audition. He is happy.

Being unique is his identity. He Never follows the masses. He reaches home to see her wearing jeggings. Not you honey, not you too, he says.

Sleep plays hide & seek with him. The creaking noise of fan. Dogs howling in the street. The sound of the chimes. They give him company.

The only dreams he believed in were the one he saw with eyes wide open. Until he banged his car one day. All he sees now are nightmares.

Money was in plenty. He could buy hundreds of those diamond rings for those girls. He could even buy those girls. He smiled at the thought.

He kept staring at her. You remind me of my girl, was the last thing he wanted to say. What, she asked. You remind me of my girl, he said.

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