Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Twisters (October)

In the race for the morning sun, it was the cold and beautiful night that was left ignored. Yup, they shone bright, before getting charred.

Jobless, out of frustration, he throws a pillow towards her. I'm bored of my life, he says. Me too, she says. I'm equally bored of your life.

It's just fun. It's just a kiss. It's just a moment that I won't miss. Say cheese honey. Then hit the road. And he pressed the button. Click.

The dog's watching, she says. It's just a dog, he says as he tears open her shirt. The dog takes a look at his own penis, smiles, & leaves.

You breaking up with me, he asks. No, she laughs. Really, he asks, even after that pathetic joke? What joke, she asks. He is sulking now.

He was proud of the fact that he had two girls in his life who were ready to kill each other for him. He is sad now. They killed each other.


  1. Am thirsty for more, can't wait for the diwali edition :D

  2. Pathetic joke one is quite funny... keep them coming..