Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Kenchua (Earthworm)

Ek kenchua
bilkul anjaan
duniyaa ke
reeti riwaazon se,
duniyawaalon ki
rozmarra ki
bematlab ki
bhaagdaud se,
reng raha hai
apni hee dhun mein,
naapta hua
kai gaon
kai kasbe
kai sheher.

Arey ye kya?
Kenchue ne
naap liya hai
poora desh!
Media waalon ka
taantaa laga hua hai.
Doorbeen ka focus
chaubees ghante
uske ghar per laga hai.
Aaj kenchua
badi hasti bann-ne waala hai.

Lekin kenchua
bilkul anjaan
duniya mein mili
apni nai pehchaan se,
darr kar
saham kar
dubka hua baitha hai
apne teen foot gehre ghar mein.
Darta hai
kisi ke
jooton ke neeche
na aa jaaye.

1 comment:

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