Monday, 31 October 2011

Bhayankar Pyaar Ka Khatarnaak Izhaar

Well, while cleaning out my closet (literally) last night, I stumbled upon this unfinished letter.
It was supposed to be a love letter that I wrote some 6 years back to a certain "Sapnon ki Rani".
Glad, I din't end up delivering this letter to her. Here it goes. Read. But promise, you won't kill me.

Dil ye chaahe
tujhko itna
pyaar doonga.
Thoda kam pade toh
jaan de doonga.

Meri har khushi mein
naam tera hai likhaa.
Tu hee mera din hai
tu hee hai nisha.

Raaton ki neendein
din ka yeh chain
naam tere doonga.

Thoda kam pade toh
jaan de doonga.

Cheesy? Yes. Too much. You can laugh now :D

1 comment:

  1. ye.. it is... but glad that you do understand at least after 6 years :-)